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 <b>Event Management</b>
Event Management

Responsible for the creation of events from conception to completion. I am able to complete a wide range of activities that require excellent organizational skills, strong communication skills, and attention to detail. I work very well under pressure and am resourceful to ensure the event runs smoothly and efficiently. I am well-respected and have a large network in the public and non-profit sectors within Calgary and the Bay Area of California.

<b>Program Management</b>
Program Management

I oversee the coordination and administration of all aspects of any ongoing programs including planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling program activities. I make effective decisions in a timely manner that are in the best interests of the organization. I build relationships with the appropriate partners to meet the client’s needs. I determine strategies to move the organization forward, create and implement action plans, and evaluate the process and results. And I positively influence and lead others to achieve results that are in the best interest of the organization.

<b>Communications Specialist</b>
Communications Specialist

I establish and maintain positive relationships with the public and mass media on behalf of clients. I effectively organize and manage public events as well as oversee all advertising and administrative duties. My goal is to promote relationships between my clients and those who use their services. Employers have included non-profits, small businesses, and individuals.


I am able to communicate and promote the value of a brand or service to customers. I implement all marketing strategies including creating messages and advertisements. This includes choosing the display medium of the messages, such as print media, video, website, and social media.

<b>Graphic Design</b>
Graphic Design

Capable of creating designs that have a high visual impact. I ensure that I have an understanding of the client’s needs before moving forward with any design decisions. I develop creative ideas and concepts, and choose the appropriate media and style to meet the client's objectives. I have knowledge of current industry software and meet deadlines in a professional manner.

<b>Creative Ideas</b>
Creative Ideas

I am an idea generator who is very imaginative and am able to turn ideas into reality. I perceive situations in unique ways to produce results. I thrive in creative environments and support other ideas to achieve innovative, collaborative outcomes.


Canadian-raised event planner and community builder who strives to create platforms to connect people to one another through creative outlets. Heavily involved in the urban dance and arts communities in Calgary and the San Francisco Bay Area. Senior Program Coordinator for the Youth Volunteer Corps Program (Calgary site), North America’s largest youth volunteer program of its kind. Event Coordinator for The Bad Girls Club YYC, a platform that promotes the culture and practice of Voguing within Calgary and Canada’s LGBT community. Prominent member of 10at10 Hip Hop Entertainment, the leading platform for building the hip hop community in Calgary through various events, promotion, and philanthropy. On top of presenting one of the longest-running series of its kind in the city, it has quickly become an outlet to export hip hop/R&B artists and producers throughout Canada.

I consider myself an art pusher and food fiend, I am obsessed with travelling, welcome spontaneous moments, and I am insanely ambitious.

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